Street / Photojournalism
Reading the Invisible, Sines, 2022. Portugal
Human Ravens, Study 1, Sines, Portugal. 2021
Returning Home, Study 2, Santiago do Cacém, Portugal. 2020
Returning Home, Sines, Portugal. 2020
Talking Legs, Avignon, France. 2004
Julia G, Moscovo, Russia. 2015
Stay Home, Sines, Portugal. 2020
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, Sines, Portugal. 2020
Three Boys, Vila Ruiva, Cuba, Portugal. 2003
Beyond Good And Evil, India. 2008
Couple, Morocco. 2010
Duster Boy, Luanda, Angola. 2014
Moussa, Canteen Man, Luanda, Angola. 2014
Sleepy Soldier, Jerónimos Palace, Lisbon, Portugal. 2017
Children's stories, Morocco. 2010
The jump, Morocco. 2011
Jaipur, India. 2008
Little boy, Bissau, Guinea Bissau. 2011
Rain adventures, Munich, Germany. 2005
Peace, please